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Best! Movies! Ever!

Best! Movies! Ever!
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Title:Best! Movies! Ever!
Original Title:Best! Movies! Ever!
Created by:
First Air Date: 2006-12-20
Last Air Date: 2007-04-18
Country: CA
Runtime: 30 min.

Language: en
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Best! Movies! Ever! is a weekly series that aimed to present "the greatest moments in movie history". Each half-hour episode presented a themed "top 10 list" in which a rotating cast of Canadian media personalities give their reasons as to why the selected scene is considered to be one of the ten great moments appropriate to that week's theme. Guest stars included Kim Poirier, Richard Crouse, Azed Majeed, Lisa Schwartzman, Maggie Cassella, Tré Armstrong and Tracy Melchor.

Characters :

Actor : Kim Poirier

Characters :

Actor : Sean Gehon


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